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Current Projects

The Tollhouse Energy group of companies is currently pursuing the following projects:


Gibson Dam Hydroelectric Project

The Gibson Hydro Project is a proposed 15 MW hydroelectric project to be constructed on an existing non-powered US Bureau of Reclamation Dam located in north central Montana. The project will generate an estimated 43 GWh of clean renewable energy each year. Tollhouse owns 50% interest in the project with the remaining ownership held by Greenfields Irrigation District. The project recieved a FERC licensing in January 2012 and is scheduled to begin commercial operations in 2014.


Black Canyon Hydroelectric Project

The Black Canyon Hydro Project is a proposed 25 MW project to be constructed on the North Fork of the Snoqualmie River near North Bend, Washington. The project would be operated as a run-of-river facility and would generate an estimated 105 GWh of clean renewable energy each year. Tollhouse owns the membership interest in the project and is currently initiating environmental studies in preparation of submitting a license application to the FERC anticipated in early Fall 2014.


Black Creek Hydroelectric Project

Whitewater Engineering Corporation is operating and maintaining the 4.3 MW Black Creek Hydroelectric Project east of Seattle Washington, FERC Project No. 6221. The project operates as a run-of-the-river facility, generates 12 average annual GWh of renewable energy each year, and is certified by the Low Impact Hydropower Institute. The project began commercial operation in 1994, and is owned by Valtec Power, LLC. Tollhouse Energy is one of the two member partners in Valtec.


Deline Hydro Power Potential

Deline is a small community located in the Northwest Territories of Canada, approximately 10 km from the headwaters of the Great Bear River, which drains the immense Great Bear Lake into the Mackenzie River. Great Bear Lake is the largest lake in Canada and the eighth largest lake in the world. Deline is currently supplied energy from a diesel fired poert plant located in town. Tollhouse is working closely with Deline to study the potential feasibility of installing instream hydrokinetic turbines and/or very low head hydro power turbines ro generate renewable energy to meet the energy needs of the community and displace the use of diesel generation.


Puget Sound Energy - Hydro

Whitewater Engineering is a member of Puget Sound Energy's design review team providing estimating and technical consulting services to PSE's existing 45 MW Snoqualmie Falls and 75 MW Lower Baker Lake hydropower facilities. The Snoqualmie Falls re-development project is estimated at $120 million, including the addition of approximately 10 MW plant generating capacity. The Lower Baker Lake project is estimated at $40 million plant upgrade including the addition of approximately 25 MW.

Whitewater Engineering is also working with Puget Sound Energy to renovate their Electron Hydroelectric Project, which was originally built in 1904. The recently completed Flume Pilot Project replaced a portion of the facility's 10.2 mile wooden flume with new Alaska Yellow Cedar and a Polyurea liner.


Green Pacific Highway

The Green Pacific Highway is a proposed 2,200 MW HVDC submarine transmission cable to extend from Alaska to Southern California. Once constructed, the submarine transmission cable would allow delivery of abundant stranded hydroelectric and wind energy resources in Alaska and British Columbia to the west coast of the United States.